Are You Living an Insta Lie? Social Media Vs. Reality

If you’re guilty of living an Insta Lie or know somebody that is, then this video is most certainly for you. We’re partnering up with to call out some of …

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  1. Ahhhh 10 months of "I delete all of my social media accounts". Finally I can enjoy the world. It's so great when I talk to my friends face to face or just calling.

  2. When i wake up its noon, don't even check my notification cause i am always late for class. 🙂

    So i guess "its better to be late than be fake" in life.

  3. a bit exagerated , BUT whats the big deal ?
    there is NOTHING new here people have beed lying about how exciting their lives are ((even though they are not) for ages , now they express it in a different way .
    also in the last sketch , they have bad relationship and she feels bad ,but at least, those likes made her smile and maybe she will cheer up and do something positive instead of lying on a bed .

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