Rant cast: Detranistioning and social media

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  1. The importance of appearance, as it regards to gender, is huge! We experience people visually, and fashion and grooming hold so much cultural capital. Of course people will associate gender with appearance and presentation. It takes time to get to a place where you know your gender well enough that it transcends gender roles. It takes a lot of introspection and stillness. However, so many people rush into transition before they can isolate their relationship to gender from standard convention.

  2. i've read that the majority of people in that small percentage who detransition either end up being nonbinary/genderqueer/genderfluid later in life, or are forced into detranstioning by their environment. (fear of violence and worse) so its like, the majority of people are either still trans or GNC at the least. So the people left that people are addressing/speaking about? A percentage of a percentage.

    and the fact that people don't learn that gender identity, gender presentation, and how "gendered interests" can all be different and you can still be the gender you are, that what you do and wear wont change that. and the fact that the NB umbrella kinda, isn't a visible option for the Vast majority of people, and that binary trans isn't the only possible route.

    the fear of people breaking the mold of gender roles have more backlash from society. In certain countries if you are outed as gay and/or being an overtly feminine man, you're going to be forced to transition by the government to be the "other" gender.

    and its also weird how people think how people think that kids and teens are the "fake ones." (transtrending/likely to detranstion) they're first going to have to come out to their parents, and hoo boy, the amount of thought that has to be weighed, (being beat, kicked out or worse) see a gender therapist, deal with that and then start. So there is no amount of impulsivity allowed to minors.

    because I notice that a lot of people who detransition made it as adults? People want to coerce you into a mold, regardless of yr feelings about it.
    I guess that's when having a gender therapist can be useful, separating expectations and roles people want you to coercively fill and whats left.

  3. You read those trash emails yet you don't respond to mine, I got it i got it, maybe I need to phrase it in a way that would get the Kat eye "Hey I'm whitey mcwhiteface can I wear blackface to a Bruno Mars show? btw…

  4. do you not think transwomen and very fem gay boys are on the same ~area~ on the spectrum or do you believe there's a fine line / separation that differentiates the two (considering gender expression isn't binary)?

  5. Ooh girl I know who you were talking about not looking like the pictures. It was Calpernia wasn't it? Not trying to be messy or shady to her at all. When you said early 2000s it clicked.

  6. I think some trans women as glitz and glam and not actually being. It's an act vs who they really are going out washed face or doing whatever everyday in a not so "stereotypical way"?

  7. I straight up told a braided yt grl at Sally's I use Marley hair and she gotta use that for her twists next time. I don't give AF neither!

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